2018 Annual Owner/Member Meeting

Dear Owner/Members,

This is a big year in the life of the Hungry Hollow Co-op. In 2018, Hungry Hollow will celebrate its 45th Anniversary serving our community as a co-operative. What began as a little back porch buying club in December of 1973 would, within a couple of years, move to its new home near the fairy stream. By February of 1993, the Co-op evolved into a store front at the corner of Chestnut Ridge and Hungry Hollow Roads. Hungry Hollow Co-op was a pioneer, reaching out to ever expanding circles of people, making available products of integrity, fostering a sense of community as shared values drew people together. As we embark on our 25th year in our current location, we would like to thank you, the countless members, for shopping and supporting the Co-op. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the continued service and fellowship that decades of individuals have contributed in making.

Our first event of 2018 is our Annual Owner/Member Meeting. Member meetings are an opportunity to share information and engage in the conversations which shape the direction of the Co-op. This year’s meeting will take place on Thursday, January 18, 2018, from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the Green Meadow Waldorf School’s music room at Rose Hall (307 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.). We will share our financial report, our plans and our progress. We will also hold our annual board election. This year we will be voting on 2 seats which run through the end of 2018, 1 which runs through the end of 2019 and 2 which run through the end of 2020. We have provided short biographies to help familiarize you with the candidates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lisa Burton, General Manager of Hungry Hollow Co-op

Board Candidate Biographies: 2018 Annual Election

Rachel Heller
Rachel Heller is a graduate of Tel Aviv University with a BA in Archeology. After moving to the United States She also graduated the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a diploma of Holistic Nutrition Coach. In the past 18 years, Rachel has been the finance and operation manager in a SmartHome technology company, a multi-million operation. She is experienced in all aspects of bookkeeping and business financial records. Rachel is part of Green Meadow School community and passionate about local, sustainable, health food and holistic lifestyle. She was asked by the board to step in as an interim member of the board and would like to continue, as the Co-op is a part of life.

Janet Gómez

I have been a member of the community for almost 20 years and have shopped at The Hungry Hollow Coop for these years.  I moved to Chestnut Ridge to be closer to my beloved Hungry Hollow Coop and to embrace all the diversity and blessed gifts this unique community has to offer.
 I lovingly work and volunteer in many areas of the community including The Pfeiffer Center, The Fiber Craft Studio, Green Meadow Waldorf School, The Otto Specht School, The Nature Place Day Camp, The Fellowship Community, Shining Mountain Children’s Center in conjunction with Finkelstein Memorial Library and The Hungry Hollow Coop.
 As a professional model, an NYU graduate in French and Spanish, a native Spanish speaker and a Spanish, handwork and special needs teacher, I bring a diverse set of skills and experience to an organization.  Among my many assets, I am excellent in esthetics, public relations and outreach.
 Most of all, as a member on The Hungry Hollow Coop, I am extremely passionate and wholeheartedly committed to bringing the mission statement of the Coop to our community and beyond in the truest and purest way possible.  I love the idea of utilizing my many individual talents towards the goal of nursing The Coop back to health so it can thrive and shine in a world that so desperately needs sacred nourishment.
 One of my proudest accomplishments is becoming a member of a food Coop that offers organic and biodynamic products as part of a profound movement that is planting seeds for a more peaceful and wholesome future. 
 Thank you for your consideration.  It would be an honor to serve on The Hungry Hollow Coop board of directors.

Warren Robbins
My wife, Linda Robins, MD, and I have lived in Montclair, NJ for nearly 20 years and have been members of the Co-op for several years.  I am trained as an attorney and engaged in the practice of law in New Jersey for 45 years, concentrating in commercial and probate litigation and in matrimonial law.  In 2015, I decided to stop actively practicing law and began to work full-time with my wife in developing the business of Dr. Linda’s.  Dr. Linda’s produces and distributes magnesium rich products, such as nuts, seaweed and magnesium oil.  The Co-op is a customer of Dr. Linda’s.
I believe that I can bring several skills to the Board.  My experience as a lawyer has taught me to analyze issues in a critical manner and to write in a straightforward and persuasive manner.  My recent experience in operating Dr. Linda’s has given me a whole new insight into the many issues that arise in running a business.

Dennis Kutsin
I was born in Brooklyn in 1994.   From my early years till high school graduation, I attained Waldorf School education in 2006, started volunteering at The Fellowship Community. Later on, I worked with kids at a rock climbing gym and part time at a Hungry Hollow Co-op store, and some other seasonal jobs.   In 2014, I started to volunteer at Monsey, NY fire department as a firefighter. Being a firefighter became my passion. Since then I went through Fire Academy, completing Firefighter 1, completed multiple certification programs, including rescue technician. At the moment, I’m an active member of South Spring Valley fire department and Rockland County Hazmat team/tactical rescue Team. I am also filling in for Rockland county Creative Approach committee as the treasurer.

Dorothea Foerster
Dorothea is a resident and worker at the Fellowship Community. She has been a member of the board of the Christian Community in Spring Valley for about two years. Dorothea has previously worked as business development manager for a small manufacturing company in CT; as senior executive assistant and research analyst at a mid-size global consulting company in New York; in management of health food stores (Germany), as well as on mid-size organic farms (Germany and New Zealand). MA’s in Agricultural Economics and Waldorf Education; BA in Agricultural Science; Waldorf student.

Tony Santarelli
My name is Tony Santarelli, and I am a loyal Hungry Hollow customer as well as a local business owner. When I found out the news that coop had a less than stellar 2017 I was concerned for the future of the coop. I love the coop so much that I started a restaurant using the very same ingredients that you would find at the coop. I want to help grow and sustain a profitable coop. I started my business career working at my father’s company (Mikasa dinnerware) selling to independent retailers. The very retailers that are the lifeline of this country. The last money in the cash registers are what they live on. I worked diligently to supply these accounts with strategies to compete against the big box locations. After four years of independent selling, I transitioned to the food business and over the last 12 years I have built 6 locations of various different brands. As an independent business owner every penny counts, keeping tight controls over food costs, labor costs, and energy costs is vital to the survival of my businesses. The other key component is driving store sales, volume solves a lot of issues! I have seen the coop change over the last months, and I see the changes that I know are helping the coop and also the ones that are causing the coop to lose a large portion of my spendable food dollars. Let’s turn this ship around and have an amazing 2018!

Additionally, Andrew Eisen has been filling a seat on our board since autumn of 2017.