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Hungry Hollow Co-op News

New Product Spotlight: Mill Hollow Maple Syrup

Mill Hollow Pure New York Maple Syrup. That's what we're presenting here at Hungry Hollow. Brian Ryther and Amy McKinnon, solely run every aspect of Mill Hollow Maple. Together they set up infrastructure, tap 6000 trees, haul and process sap into maple syrup. Once the maple [...]

Tick Borne Illness Lecture

Hungry Hollow Co-op is pleased to announce an upcoming lecture by Samuel Rosenberg, founder of Lymearrest, a product designed to prevent Lyme Disease. […]

Biodynamic and Organic Plants

We just received a delivery of Biodynamic plants from the Pfeiffer Center, in Chestnut Ridge, and organic plants from Markristo Farm, in Hillsdale, NJ.  Come in while they last!