New Product Spotlight: Billy’s Infinity Superfoods

For our new product spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Billy’s Infinity Superfoods to the Hungry Hollow Co-op community. Billy’s supplements and bars are discounted 20% thru Tuesday, May 15th.

billyHealth, with an emphasis on nutrition, has always been a passion for Billy Merritt. Following the completion of his degree in Wilderness Education, his active lifestyle has reflected his commitment to health over the last 17 years. He has since explored the intricate link between health and nature with independent studies involving 30+ day treks through Nepal, India, Africa, Alaska, Thailand, Mexico, and the Amazon.

Over the years with his wealth of knowledge gleaned from his experiences, he has led detox/weight-loss courses at the Sanctuary Health Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand and the Nutrition program at the world-renowned Ashram health retreat in Malibu, CA. Billy has since continued expanding his prowess and love of educating others by lecturing and speaking at health conventions worldwide. Putting your health first, Billy is committed to continuing his quest to educate himself and the rest of the world with the purpose of global well-being!

Infinity Greensinfinity greens

Infinity Greens is a precision blend of the purest and most potent superfoods, enzymes, and probiotics on earth. Each of the ingredients has been clinically proven to have powerful health enhancing benefits for specific organs and functions of the body including the immune system, circulation, muscles, brain, heart, joints, digestion, liver, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, and skin. Read more about the specific benefits here. All ingredients are organically grown or harvested from the wild, then dried at low temperatures to be mixed with water or in a smoothie.

infinity proteinInfinity Protein

Infinity Protein is a precision blend of the purest muscle building protein and medicinal herbs – all of which are proven to have significant health enhancing benefits. All functions in the body are supported by the nutritive powers of these superfoods.




Infiniinfinity greens barty Greens Bar

The Infinity Greens Bar, consisting of the purest organic ingredients on earth, includes a serving of the Infinity Greens formula. Health enhancing nutrition never tasted so good!


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