Hope Hummus

The buyers at Hungry Hollow Co-op are constantly on the lookout for vendors and suppliers that line up with our core values of quality and sustainability.  With that in mind, we present Hope Foods, makers of the very popular Hope Hummus.

The inventive and lively varieties of Hope Hummus are on sale for $2.69 per 8oz container (reg. 4.19), now through May 29th. 

For more about Hope Foods and their commitment, let’s hear from them, in their own words.

The freshest ingredients make for the best tasting products. So we source as much as we can—from our garbanzo beans to many of our spices—using time-tested relationships with local farmers across the American southwest and beyond. Our partners share our values around honest ingredients, clean water, and even agricultural job creation.

Our competitors blast their products with high heat or pump them full of preservatives, which results in bland taste and texture, along with decreased nutritional value. At HOPE, we only use cold pressure with state-of-the-art HPP technology to retain fresh, peak flavor, wonderful texture, and important nutrition without artificial preservatives.

We think of flavor a bit like we do life. There are moments that call for classic and comfortable. And then there are moments that should be completely new and exciting. We love to cross the boundaries of cultural styles and mix them into unique mash-ups our fans can’t get enough of. For example, we’ll mix maple syrup with chipotle peppers, or introduce chickpeas to Thai food. We are health-focused foodies, and the cuisine of the world inspires us and keeps us infinitely curious.

We’re on a collective mission to introduce healthy, high quality and wonderfully flavorful food to the world. We truly believe that the simple act of sharing good food can nourish the body as well as the soul. That’s why we make some of the freshest, most flavorful and nutritious hummus, spreads and dips you’ve ever tasted! You will experience the heart of HOPE in every bite of every product we make!

Learn more at www.hopefoods.com